Drink bar with fireplace and terrace


Between the meals as well as late afternoon, we invite you to our bar drink for aromatic coffee, tea, refreshing drinks, beer, wine and other alcohols. You can have a great time in here. The bar is located near the fireplace room, near the terrace with deck chairs. It is the "heart" of the hotel, which wakes up in the evenings.

Drink bar also delights with a beautiful glass mosaic designed by Krystyna Zgud-Strachocka. Elements of the mosaic were made  in the glass factory at Lipowa Street in Krakow in 1973. The extremely impressive, multi-coloured, concentrically shaped mosaic consists of glass bubbles of various sizes and is approximately 300 cm high.

It is complemented by a fireplace room, separated from the bar by a fireplace. In the middle there is a wooden fishnet wall with partition - metal medallions by Bronisław Chromy. A historical piano is placed here. The guests can also enjoy original and restored armchairs made of the highest quality Polish wood, covered with sheepskin related to the Podhale region.

Terrace with deck chairs

Enjoy the sunny terrace with deck chairs in a pleasant green garden setting. You can have a cup of coffee or tea and experience the clean, fresh air and the scent of a spruce forest.