The Tatry Hotel is a place with an unusual past: it was built in the times of the People's Republic of Poland exclusively for the Office of the Council of Ministers (architectural design by Stanisław Miroszewski from 1969). For years, it was not accessible to ordinary citizens. The Party and Government officials used to meet and rest here. At that time it was the most luxurious, elegant and stylish hotel in Zakopane. Its architecture, furniture, furnishings, equipment, decorations and sculptures are related to those years.

Today, the hotel's interior refers to the times of its glory, which is the 1970s. Hotel guests go on a sentimental journey here and younger guests can taste the atmosphere of the communist era in the version for the then prominent guests.

The hotel is already astonishing at the doorstep, where you can immediately see the beautiful Polish marbles. Above the entrance, the hall is dominated by a long frieze of Bronisław Chromy's metal, a round pillar, and on the walls there are eye-catching bas-reliefs of Henryk Burzec. Our guests enjoy the original reception desk made of stone and wood along with a leather lounge set.

Guests' attention is drawn to the spaces, halls and mezzanine floors with original, specially designed Cepelian fabrics on the walls. The atmosphere is also created by wide, low seats with wooden, lacquered armrests, carpets, wainscoting, crystal chandeliers and characteristic dial telephones, which are to be found in the apartments. These and other interesting features make the hotel a reminder of the years of youth for those who remember the old times and an inspiration to talk about those times with younger people.


We will provide you with:

Main building

  • 104 accommodations in standard equipped rooms and suites;
  • a drink bar with fireplace room;
  • restaurant for 120 people;
  • multifunctional training room;
  • common-room
  • playground and playroom for children;
  • billiards, table tennis, darts, flippers;
  • sauna, gym;
  • Barbecue Arbor;
  • volleyball and basketball court;
  • free Wi-Fi.

Tourist Building

  • 38 accommodations in tourist class rooms - ideal for school trips and budget stays for groups.